Guest Authors

There is a grim reality about the work of budding authors. Unless you can afford the time and expense of creating and maintaining an on-line presence. Have the ability to spread the word via social media. Or are talented enough to catch the eye of an over worked editor. It’s unlikely any one except family and a few friends will read and enjoy your work.

With that in mind this Guest Author page has been created. To give the unpublished amateur a chance to spread the word. Five hundred or so of them at a time.

For one month, each chosen Author’s work will be show cased on this page. Together with a brief biography, and image. In the hope that this opportunity will lead them on to bigger, and better things. So without further ado. The cold damp world of Kevin Ground presents for your disturbed entertainment. The guest authors.


Unfortunately due to data protection and security issues beyond our control.. This page will not be active for the foreseeable future. It is not however a forgotten project. If the Date protection issues can be resolved, this page will become active .