Desperate Circumstances introduces horror author Kevin Ground to readers of ebooks for the first time.

Desperate Circumstances

Four short stories based around the Victorian tradition of the Christmas ghost story. Peopled with characters and emotions as diverse as the frightened farmer and his family. Little Lucy who is but she isn’t? The scavenging Dagget’s, and the deadly sadness of the inhabitants of the old mill house. From cold dark cellars to the brandy and cigars of the drawing room, the Victorian world of the supernatural comes alive, in all its ghostly dispiriting splendour.

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Horror d’Oeuvres

May I offer you a little something to whet your appetite for horrors yet to come? A little violence perhaps, or possibly a burning or two? We have dislike and loathing. Or maybe a taste of blood-soaked retribution. Please feel free to make your selection from our disgusting, freshly mutilated, little mouthfuls. Guaranteed to be fresh, raw, and wriggling, as only our Guest Chef, horror author Kevin Ground, can make them. Please indulge your taste for forbidden blood-soaked pleasure. Knives, guns, ropes, drownings. There’s something for everyone on our evil, hate-filled, suicidal platter of dark thoughts and insane mayhem. Choose from hatchet killers and poisoners, deranged girlfriends and deadly lonely hearts. Butchers, bakers, and seriously dangerous mischief-makers. Horror D’oeuvre Sir? Horror D’oeuvre Madam? Please be my guests. Enjoy a little something horrible before something horrible enjoys you.

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Wardens Scratby’s Salvation

A tale of murderous ghostly conflict pitting good against evil. Set amongst the freezing poverty of Christmas eve in a Victorian workhouse, where terrified orphans endure a miserable existence at the hands of the tormented Warden Scratby. A man driven by evil who is about to meet an orphan who will change his life forever.

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A collection of ten short stories that look at the world around us through the cold eyes of horror author Kevin Ground. A re-imagining of mundane routine into thought-provoking unpleasantness. Peopled with characters as diverse as they are dangerous. In situations ranging from the deadly to the absurd. This collection of disturbing little horrors will take you round the M25, via the local supermarket to the undertakers. Taking in cosy bungalows, stately homes, and a recycling centre on the way. Before arriving at the seaside, where a walk through the park on the way to a sunlit beach will leave you wondering how you arrived at the edge of insanity. Where bikinis, frying pans, pregnancies, and sausages play happily alongside tormented school-girls, murderers and creatures that shouldn’t exist. Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Horrodise. The cold unpleasant world of Kevin Ground.

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